Please note we are currently only accepting trades in exchange for store credit at this time.
We may make an exception and pay cash depending on the rarity and demand for the item.


For an exact quote, please contact the store. Please note that game prices fluctuate constantly, and the value of your game is subject to change. We reserve the right to test your game to ensure it is working before we purchase it from you.

We accept:

-Console games both old and new in working condition, with the exception of games listed below.
-DVDs and blu-rays in working condition
-Gaming consoles and controllers in working condition
-Figures: Miis, and Disney Infinity
-Pokemon GX and EX cards

We do not currently accept:

-Skylanders figures
-Sports games exceeding 2 years old (Currently accepting 2019 and 2020)
-Rock Band / Guitar Hero games for any console
-Guitars or other instrument controllers for any console
-Dance pad controllers for DDR and similar titles
-Regular Pokemon Cards
-Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards