Our regular (non promotional) trade-in value starts at 50% and can go as high as 60% depending on the quality of your game, and the demand for it. Trading in, or opting to receive a store-credit will earn you the best value.

Cash-in value (selling your games to us for cash) starts at 40% and can go as high as 50% depending on your game.

Please note: These margins are based on what we would sell your game for, not what you intially paid. Demand, wear and tear, missing parts, etc factor into our prices for both buying and selling. We do not base our prices off of ebay, or other gaming stores in the area.

For an exact quote, please contact the store. Please note that game prices fluctuate constantly, and the value of your game is subject to change. We reserve the right to test your game to ensure it is working before we purchase it from you.

We accept:

-Console games both old and new in working condition, with the exception of games listed below.
-DVDs and blu-rays in working condition
-Rare Pokemon cards (indicated by the star in the bottom righthand corner of the card)
-Gaming consoles and controllers in working condition
-Figures: Miis, Skylanders and Disney Infinity

We do not currently accept:

-Sports games exceeding 2 years old (Currently accepting 2016 and 2017)
-Rock Band / Guitar Hero games for any console
-Guitars or other instrument controllers for any console
-Dance pad controllers for DDR and similar titles
-Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards